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Q:Are We Not Men? A:We Are Men-Machines are:



What do we do?


04/22/01 - Q:Are We Not Men? A:We Are Men-Machines have been very quiet recently. Reasons? they have been in the studio recording tracks for their fans. Now, under special request here are the Mp3's. Download and enjoy!

03/21/01 - Due to rate changes with Bizland we now do business with Tripod and have change URL. Update your bookmarks!

03/05/01 - First 500th visitor.....still looking for that keyboard player though!

02/03/01 - Here it is... the radioshow ...leave requests on the guestbook

01/13/01 - New to this website.....The New Wave Arcade.....Come play and see how you rank

01/10/01 - This website as been updated and is now filled with features! We now have a fanclub mailing list. Just enter your E-Mail and you will get a fanclub newsletter every once in a while with some of the most jawbreaking pictures! Plus, we now have a poll taker. See what type of fan you yourself with other fans.......hours and hours of fun. The poll will change weekly.

01/09/01 - New Guestbook...sign it!

01/07/01 - First 100th visitors......Yeah! Still looking for that keyboard player though.

01/01/01 - We are currently looking for an additional keyboard player (with vocals assets) to help us perform our duties please feel free to contact us via E-Mail if you are interested and in the Montreal area.