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1/10/2001     Sir Moog
Subject Would love to hear wha
Hi, The site is coming along nicely... just read the news section... all the stuff you do... "use aincient synths..." etc sounds like my kinda group ;) Keep it up guys... but i would really love to hear what you guys sound like... maybe put some mp3 samples on the site in the future updates :)

Subject 5x

1/19/2001     Hugo
Subject salut

1/23/2001     Tallulah Ruder-Spangle
Subject Your band look fab!
Gee, i wish i lived on your side of the atlantic. im a keyboardist who is HEAVILY into new romantic and new wave electronica. I'm looking to join a band EXACTLY like yours too. You're even wearing exactly the same make up as I do :( darn! Anyway darlingz, please feel free to visit my club. I really need more chaps like you in there! luv n' synth...Tallulah x x x

1/29/2001     Dr. Love      
Subject you spin me right 'rou
hello men machines. i really like 80's music and am glad to see that you are keeping the "spirit of radio" alive. i would love to hear you play so i can do my shopping cart dance for you. Do you play Journey?? i love Steve Perry. maybe some "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin"? or "Oh Sherry". Please let me know when you are selling t-shirts. i would like one to go with my new acid-washed jeans and high-tops. bye 4 now. Booyashaka!

3/1/2001     NAT
Subject web page
Wow, what a fantastic group of men machines, I love it, and I hope to hear it in the flesh one day!